Garage Door Murals

As we have mentioned often in our articles, art is everywhere and is interpreted differently depending on the viewer. That, however, happens to be one of the greatest things about art. It can be found anywhere utilizing virtually anything to bring its beauty to life. From sculpting to underwater photography, to lava flowing into the ocean art is literally all around us. It isn’t confined to just one workspace and relies heavily on the creativity and imagination of the artist.

One of my very favorite art forms takes shape in the way of murals! Murals literally allow for a gigantic canvas to create some truly beautifully vivid art. Murals can help brighten up a classroom, office, neighborhood or local park or even a city sidewalk! But what about your garage door? Garage doors are in fact a perfect blank canvas for a mural to be created. The door is flat, usually white in color and is just screaming to be painted with an incredible scene, picture or design. And, a garage door mural can add your own personal touch to your home and potentially brighten the space for your neighbors too. That being said it is important to first ok any type of mural you may be envisioning with your Home Owners Association before the start of the project.

What are the steps to take to get started on a garage door mural?

Garage Door Inspection- First and foremost you want to make sure your garage door and all its moving parts are in good repair and working order. Schedule a garage door inspection with a reputable garage door company like An inspection will include the garage door itself, the opener, tracks, and springs. If you are in need of a new garage door you can also work with the garage door professional in purchasing the perfect custom door for your mural.

Garage Door Prep- Prep is crucial anytime painting is involved. How well you prep the area will also determine how well the application of the paint goes and the overall quality of the paint. Make sure to wash your garage door thoroughly scrubbing it with soap and water if need be to remove any dirt, grime or other outside elements. Makes sure that the door is also properly dried.  Most garage doors tend to be white in which case you won’t need to worry about a primer. If your door is not you will need to apply a good primer and allow for enough drying time too. Next, you will need to tape any areas such as windows, tracks, metal fixtures and garage door trim with painters tape.

Garage Door Mural Commence- Now you can begin painting that beautiful garage door mural to your heart’s content. You will want to make sure that you are using a paint suitable for outdoors like that of exterior paint. Because your door is exposed to various outside and weather elements the type of paint will also determine how long the mural will last when exposed to these elements. While exterior paint is recommended the downside to this is it is often available in limited colors. Once you have created your masterpiece make sure to add a top clear coat that is compatible with the first paints you used. The clear coat will help to preserve the colors used and the overall picture.








Creating Art With Resin

There are many forms of art available. From photography to sculpture, each one has its own unique characteristics. In this newer form of art that has begun to emerge, epoxy resin and acrylic paints are used to create a shiny and colorful work of art that leaves many looking on in approval and incredibility. For there are truly beautiful pieces of art from furniture to canvas art to sculptures that are the product of resin art.

While this technique isn’t necessarily hard, it does take a lot of practice to get it right. It also requires a lot of tools and supplies that can become a bit costly. If you are dedicated and confident in your abilities to create some truly beautiful resin art then take the plunge and get these following supplies to begin your exploration into the world of resin.

  • Epoxy resin
  • Acrylic paint
  • Silicone oil
  • Canvas
  • Mixing cups
  • Mixing sticks
  • Heat gun

Once you have all of these you can start. You first need to make a safe work surface to make sure that the epoxy resin doesn’t fall off and dry anywhere you wouldn’t want to. Then you can start. You start by making the epoxy resin by mixing the epoxy with a hardener. How much you need depends on how big your canvas is, and the same goes for the acrylic paint colors. Take the colors and mix them with the fully mixed epoxy resin into separate cups to create your colors which you will use to paint. Now take your base color, usually white or black, onto the whole canvas so that the lacing effect can take place when you add more colors on top. Finally, you can let your artistic expression show and start placing colors on the canvas. Art is subjective so there is no wrong way to place the colors. Although, keep in mind that this painting won’t be as precise as say painting with a paintbrush because you just pour the colors on top, and then use the heat gun to merge colors together and create those unique effects. From there you can use silicone oil to create more interesting effects that you may just have to experiment with. Once you let it dry, there you have your very own masterpiece.

Now that you know what it takes for you to do this at home, why not try it out? It is not only fun and challenging but it also allows you to express your creativity in new ways ending up with an amazing looking mural to place on your wall.

Mosaic Art

If you have gone through your history textbook at all, you have likely seen mosaic art, it being the most popular form of art form during the middle ages. But just because it’s from the middle ages doesn’t mean you can’t use the same technique today to create an amazing art piece.

Mosaics are actually one of the easier art pieces to make as the pieces can be removed if there is a mistake. The pieces can be as big or small as you want that way you can still get the detail you need so that you don’t have to see the ridges between the mosaic pieces. Although the ridges is what brings the unique texture and style that no other art form can match, so ultimately it is up to you. To get started, here are the materials you will need.

  • Tiles
  • Tile Cutter or hammer
  • Tile Adhesive
  • Grout
  • Sealant

You first need to plan a design, and you can even sketch it out with the use of a template if you need to. Now you need to decide whether you’re going to use broken tile panels or cut tile panels. Either one will bring out an amazing mural although using the tile cutter will mean your mosaic looks more like a painting as its lines will be neater. If you don’t have or aren’t handy with power tools you can buy pre-cut ceramic tiles online from places like eBay. However, if you want it to all be done by yourself, make sure to utilize the proper safety gear to cut or break the tile panels so that nothing gets broken and no one gets hurt.

Once all your panels are cut, you can start gluing them in places to start constructing your masterpiece. Don’t be discouraged when you can’t find a piece that perfectly matches, as the fun in mosaics is seeing the ridges between the spaces, as the texture created is neat to look at and feel. When all the adhesive on the pieces is dry, use the grout to fill in all the little gaps in your work. The grout should be even with the tiles so neither one stands out above the rest. You can run your hand across it to feel for any bumps or cracks. Now for the final step, applying the sealant. You want to apply this over the whole mosaic so that the mosaic not only shines but is resistant against weather like UV rays, humidity, etc…And there you have it, feel free to hang it up wherever you want to not only as an amazing art piece but a sense of accomplishment.

The Beauty Found in Sculptures

sculpture-of-davidThere are so many different forms of art that can express beauty, emotion and so much more.  From photography, to painted pictures, to graffiti the beauty of art s that it can be found everywhere! One art form we would like to shed light on and also bring attention to is the art of sculpting. Talk about beauty! Here are a list of some of the most famous sculptures of all time!

Beautiful Sculptures

  • The Terracotta Army- This incredible and enormous group of clay sculptures may just be one of the greatest finds of all time.  Found in 1974 buried in 3 huge pits next to the tomb of China’s first emperor Shi Huang, it is believed they were sculpted to protect him in the afterlife.  The group of sculptured is said to have 8,000 soldiers, 670 horses and 130 chariots. Each complete with weapons and other detailed features. Talk about amazing!!!
  • Michelangelo’s David- This is perhaps the most recognized sculpture in ALL of art history.  It was started by sculpting artists Agostino di Duccio who only slightly managed to carve out some of the tough marble. Two years later another artist took up trying to finish the work but didn’t get to far before stopping his work altogether.  For the next 25 years it sat untouched and unfinished until Michelangelo picked up the sculpting and finally finished the sculpture. It was originally meant to help decorate Florence’s great cathedral the Duomo however after its completion it weight roughly 6 tons and was too heavy to lift on the cathedrals roof.  Instead it was placed in front of Florence’s town hall the Palazzo Vecchio!
  • Perseus with the Head of Medusa- Often referred to as the greatest sculptor of the 18th century, Italian artist Antonio Canova actually created two versions of this famous piece!  One can be found at the Vatican in Rome, while the other is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s European Sculpture Center.
  • Venus of Willendorf- This tiny sculpture proves that art doesn’t have to be big to be great! Measuring in at 4 inches in height this little piece was discovered in Austria in 1908. Some believe it is a replica of the fertility goddess and is known as the greatest art piece from the stone age.

These are only a small handful of some of the greatest sculptures of all time!  There are so many to be seen, all offering a different kind of beauty with a different technique and vision from the artist! All we can truly say is art is so wonderful and filled with so much beauty!

Photography For Beginners Tip & Tricks

Capturing a beautiful picture through a camera lens is perhaps one of life’s greatest things.  You are able to capture the beauty of the object or moment to keep forever.  If you know a few basics about such things as lighting and aperture it can help you capture an even more incredible image!  Check out this short video on a few camera and picture taking basics.  It may make all the difference!


Graffiti As An Art Form

Graffiti is considered by many as unnecessary vandalism by unruly teens or gangs, grafitti-artand while that is apart of graffitis history, graffiti has evolved to where it should at least be respected as a new art form that has been able to give some color and pop to the dull concrete city walls. Modern graffiti with spray paint arose in the inner city in the 1960s and 1970s with people just stylishly writing their names either to get recognition, make a political or social message, or to mark their gang territory. One of the first popular taggers went under the tag of TAKI 183 in New York. Due to graffiti’s largely being tagged on others property a war on graffiti was started and by the 1980s graffiti became less common. However, that just forced graffiti to adapt and overcome from simple tagging to a true art form that can be admired like the works of DaVinci and Picasso. From their graffiti gained more and more acceptance with the help of hip hop culture and the rise in popularity of artists such as Run DMC, Fab 5 Freddy, and LL Cool J. These two rising forms of art combined their strength to become an unstoppable force that made its way into mainstream popular culture that is still having its presence felt in 2018.

Popular Graffiti Artists


Graffiti is so different from other forms of art due to its unusual roots explained above, but also because canvases and their methods of painting are different. As no one before has seen spray paint as a way to actually create art due to its lack of control of line thickness and detail compared to traditional paint and brushes. Also while artists previously painted on paper, graffiti focuses on purposely being on city walls or buildings or other public property. This forced artist to go out of the comfort art-graffiti-beautyzone of contemporary art to develop a new style on its own. I must admit when I see some graffiti my first question is, “How were they able to do all of that with some cans of spray paint?” Some of the works these artists are able to do surprise me with their sheer detail, colors, and size. Sometimes covering Walmart sized walls edge to edge with bold saturated colors, sharp contrasts, and shocking detail with an aerosol can that is still considered inferior compared to traditional paint and brushes.

While graffiti got off to a “shaky” start with its association with gangs and unwanted vandalism of public property, it’s at least respected as a form of art that deserves its place in cities transforming the dull gray buildings of industrialization into lively vibrant works of art that can demonstrate the culture of the city in a creative and different way never thought of before.

There Is Art To Be Found In Every Profession!

landscape-artAs we have discussed art can be found in practically any form and is all around us.  Whether you see the beauty of a volanic eruption or the under water marine life with all of it’s vibrant colors and different types of fish, to even 3D side walk chalk art, art comes in many forms and is often a skill that many utilize in their professions.  Graphic designers obviously must understand graphics and manipulating computer software to create their visual art. Architects showcase their art through the designs of their building, concrete contractors showcase theirs through the beautiful lay out of their concrete, even the company doing pool decks and concrete coatings have a type of art form.  Perhaps that is one of the things about art that captures me the most. You can look at something and find the art and beauty in it and it never gets old. There are so many different types of art surrounding us at all times!

A friend of mine owns a pool deck & concrete staining/coating company by the name of New Look Kool Deck & More.  One day as I was looking over his plans for a client I asked him to see some before pictures to get a better idea of his transformation concrete-flagstone-coating-phoenixprocess.  Boy, was I blown away! He showed me a few before and after photos of different jobs he has done and I immediatly saw the beauty of his type of art transform before my very eyes! The pool decks he had done were absolutely beautiful and added so much more curb appeal to the homes.  I asked him if he realized the art that he was capable of and he simply said, I take the ordinary and try to create the vision and beauty that my clients see! This interested me and definitely peaked my curiosity in just what other types of art I may be missing out there. So I decided to conduct a little project of all of the various jobs I could find art in and here is some of what I found!

Different Art Forms All Around Us

  • Concrete Art
  • Landscape Design
  • Interior Decorating
  • Vehicle Vinyl Wraps
  • Architecture
  • Home Windows

These may seem like different random things, however if you stop and think about each one you will find that it is a form of art. For example, landscape design is done by arranging flowers, plants, waterfalls into a picture for the eye to see.  Art is all around us and if we take a second to “stop and smell the roses” we may just see some very beautiful things! I encourage you all to find the art in your skill and your job! Cheers to a world full of art!

Julian Beever, The Incredible Sidewalk Chalk Artist

Julian-Beever-Chalk-ArtA phenomenon that has been around for quite some time but probably doesn’t get the exposure it deserves in 3D chalk art.  We have discussed many forms of art and the beauty you can find in different types of pictures, photography, painting etc.  We have talked about Charles Banksy and his unique take on art and the popularity and praise it receives from those throughout the world.  Afterall, he is a great artist with incredible paintings! In light of ALL the different types of beauty you can find in pictures, I would like to share with you an artist whose work I not only find amazing, but who displays such a talent he deserves the recognition, Julian Beever.  Julian Beever is a renowned British sidewalk 3D chalk artist who has been showcasing his drawings on the pavement since the 1990’s. You may be thinking, and I’m only hearing about him now! Trust us, after checking out some of his work you won’t be disappointed.

Julian Beever, The Great 3D Sidewalk Chalk Artist

  • Julian grew up in the small town of Melton Mowbray, England
  • He use a technique for his art called anamorphosis
  • Anamorphosis-distorted projection or perspective that requires the viewer to look from a particular vantage point
  • At the young age of 16 he decided to pursue studies in art, psychologypavement-chalk-art and design
  • He was a born natural when it came to at and started to realize both depth and visual perception
  • He works internationally but most of his works can be found in Europe
  • He does freelance art & commissioned murals for large and small companies
  • In 2010 he released his first book titled Pavement Chalk Artist, which showcases his many sidewalk murals done around the world
  • He often takes pictures of his finished work with himself in them as a prop to the art

Julian-BeeverAll in all Julian beever is a pretty interesting guy with a lot of talent to share with the world.  His unique take on art and his fantastic creations shed a whole new beauty on art and hat can be done with a little skill and the imagination. Another thing that is fantastic about Julian’s chalk drawings is that he can relate things such as the Mona Lisa, The royal family, or draw free hand and come up with something entirely new.  Should you ever get a chance to see one of Julians painting in person you will be more mesmerized than just seeing pictures of his work alone. This goes to show that beauty can be found in all types of pictures both near and far!


The Beauty Of Nature Through Pictures

We have written a lot about the beauty that you can find in pictures in so many different aspects of life.  From erupting volcanoes to underwater scenery, beauty can be found everywhere and capturing it through photos is the icing on the cake! Check out this video of the beauty of nature captured through photos.  It’s almost as if you feel like you are in the picture, with all of the clarity and essence captured in each.


The Rorschach Test-Inkblots & The Human Mind

The-Rorschach-TestIntroducing the ink blot, another form of art that is interpreted by the viewer viewing it.  For example I may see a picture in an ink blot I’m shown while another person may see a completely different picture! That again is the beauty of art and perspective. However, what if we told you that not only are people’s perspectives different but what they see in that blot of ink often gives insight into their personality and the functionality of their mind?  I’m sure many if not all of you readers have heard of the inkblot test often given to psychiatric patients and those with mental disorders. The test by way of proper name is referred to as The Rorschach Test. Many of you may have heard of it and know some details, but I’m sure a lot of you, like my self aren’t completely familiar with exactly where this test came from and how it exactly measures mental stability!  We compiled some interesting facts and information about The Rorschach Test and it’s perspective into the minds of others.

Inkblots & Rorschach Testing

  • The test is done by analyzing a subjects perception of the inkblots shown by using a scale of psychological evaluation
  • The test consists of 10 inkblots-5 in black & 5 in color
  • The test was widely used in the 1940’s & 1950’sink-blot-art
  • The test is believed to be derived from the game Blotto, a popular came that consisted of making up poems or playing charades based on the inkblot picture you chose
  • In 1911 the term Schizophrenia was founded making way for Hermann Rorschach introduction of the inkblot test
  • Hermann realized that patients with schizophrenia responded differently to the Blotto came, thus helping him come up with The Rorschach Test
  • The test is not as commonly used in this day and age, however it has adapted to also measure personality traits
  • The test was not invented to measure personality & thus there is much controversy over if the test really gives accurate results for both mental disorders and personality

Hermann-RorschachThe Rorschach Test has become more and more controversial over the years because of the different scale systems that the testing measurements are based on.  There are at least 5 different measurement scales that can be used to read the inkblot test and many argue that that wide range of measurement can not be completely accurate. We have found that art and pictures are often interpreted differently by each individual person and that the individual mindset and personality of each person influences what they invision.  Although The Rorschach Test may have some discrepancies we believe that those people with different mental conditions or schizophrenia often do interpret art differently. Why? Because their brains are wired differently and they function on a different level. Although the test may not be as accurate as we had hoped or believed in the 40’s and 50’s I think it is pretty safe to say that often the perspective of people does help describe who they are and what some of their personality traits may be.  Art is a world without boundaries and is to be deciphered by those seeing it. Isn’t that after all some of what makes art so beautiful? It allows you to take a deeper look inside yourself and explore your imagination and creativity.