The Beauty Of Underwater Photography

underwater-photographyHave you ever seen an underwater photograph, depicting the coral reef maybe, or a school of vibrant fish swimming?  Or perhaps, you have had the chance to snorkel or go scuba diving and been introduced to the beautiful underwater world of marine life. What many of us overlook as a form of art and fine art at that is underwater photography.  We are aware that photography is art and that taking pictures of beautiful landscapes captures people and often sell for hefty price tags. But what about the beautiful landscape that can be found under the sea?

Underwater photography is indeed categorized as an art form and photos often show the beauty of shipwrecks, coral reefs, different marine life and cave systems to name a few. What many of us may not realize is that being a underwater photographer and a fairly good one at that, is a lot harder than we may think.  Akima, an underwater snorkeling-photography-tourphotographer and friend of mine shared that the biggest hurdle is the lighting? Why? The waves of sunlight that stream down onto the surface of the water are absorbed so everything appears blue and green. Akima, who offers photography and snorkeling tours on the island of Oahu, explained that many times travelers enjoying one of her snorkeling tours will be mesmerized by the beauty that can be found underneath the surface of the water.  They aim their underwater cameras thinking they can capture the exact image and often find that the picture just doesn’t do the view as much justice as it deserves. She explains the way the sun’s rays are affected by the water and provides these tips:

Tips To Capture Beautiful Underwater Pictures

  • Get as close to the subject of your photo as possible
  • Use a flash so that you can help to restore some of the color that was lost when the sunlight was absorbed by the water.
  • Use flash in “forced flash” mode
  • For best composition- shoot at an upward angle never downward
  • Get comfortable with diving/snorkeling and fine tune your skills before setting out to photograph
  • Try setting your camera at the highest resolution and the lowest ISO when starting out
  • To use natural light only shoot in 20ft of water or less
  • If your photos didn’t come out as sharp as you would like, try checking your shutter speed
  • You can either purchase an underwater digital camera or a special case that can go around your regular camera to make it waterproof

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Graphic Design & Vinyl Wrap Art

vinyl-wrap-artAs we discussed in previous articles, art can be found in many things besides just paintings, drawings and sculptures.  As technology advances and we are rewarded with various ways to showcase art the definition of what art is has to evolve as well!  That being said many still don’t deem graphic design as an actual form of art, but why exactly is that? Graphic designers need to possess certain skills in order to showcase great work and produce a scaled design of the image they are working towards.  To some that may seem not that hard, however have you ever tried to produce a certain image on a much smaller or larger scale and print it without losing clarity, definition and the importance of the image? It’s actually a lot harder than it may seem!

Being that we find beauty in all forms of art we decided to explore the area of graphiccustomizeed-art-wraps design a bit more and some of the newest technological advances concerning it. Enter in Vehicle Vinyl Wraps!

We reached out to a vehicle vinyl wrapping company to try and understand the work and art that goes into their designs and also to better showcase their view on this form of art.  Yes we said it again “ART”. One of the graphic design specialists that is employed with Jimmy, sat down with me and expressed his vision and passion for this type of artistic creativity.  Although vehicle vinyl wrapping has gained more and more exposure over the past view years in all actuality it has been around for some time!

  • What Exactly Is Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping? Just to be clear for those of you that aren’t  to familiar we wanted to know the exact definition. Jimmy explained that a vinyl wrap is a large decal or design printed on special material through a large format printer? It is then applied to your vehicles paint surface and encompasses your vehicle in the chosen design,
  • Can You Customize Your Design? Many wonder if they have to choose from pre-fabricated designs or if they can design their own custom print.  The truth is you can completely customize your own vision. In fact if you are working with a talented graphic design artist like our friend Jimmy, sky’s the limit!
  • What Makes This Form Of Art So Tough? Although like we mentioned above many feel that graphic design is easy because of the use of digital images and the aid of an computer that isn’t exactly so.  Jimmy explained that there are a lot of different factors that go into getting the print just right. From door handles, angles, and other unique features on every automobile the decal must come out precisely especially when applying it to the said automobile and achieving the desired look.  
  • Best Form Of Advertsiment?  We all know the importance of advertising and marketing for any business as well as the importance of establishing your brand and your company logo.  Vinyl wrapping has been rated the best form of advertising per impression cost and reaches the widest demographic out there. That being said wouldn’t you want your design to be spot on?

graphic-design-artAll in all vehicle vinyl wrapping and graphic design is by far a form of art in its own right.  One of my favorite things about art and where I feel the most beauty comes from is the fact that art has no boundaries for perspective and creativity!  Get “out of the box” and explore the incredible world of all kinds of art.

~The Great Bansky~

the-great-banskyAs we first talked about, pictures hold so much more in their meaning than just the vision that you see.  Different perspectives can be seen depending on the individual person viewing the picture. Thus a picture is worth a thousand words and is a form of art.  Perhaps one of the most well known artist of this era is British Graffiti Artist Charles Banksy, known to most simply as “Banksy”. Who is Banksy exactly?  The truth is is no one quite knows. When added to Times Magazine’s Top 100 List Of Most Influential People, he contributed a picture of himself with a recyclable paper bag over his head!  Why such the anonymity? Many say it’s because he doesn’t fare well with the police because of his “vandalism” with graffiti, others say it adds to the buzz associated with his work, either way it works for him.  He gave his last face interview in 2003 and the journalist described him as a “white male, around 28, with a scruffy yet casual look about him”. All in all his real identity just adds to his mystery and to the popularity that surrounds his art.  Banksy however, doesn’t stop there!

No this talented “artist” is also a filmmaker and a political activist.  Most often grafitti-art-banskyreferred to as either an art genius or a vandal. He started his work in Bristol, England and quickly moved to cities such as Vienna, Barcelona, Paris, Detroit and San Francisco.  He first started in the early 90’s as part of a street crew dubbed “Dry Bread ZCrew” with two other artists going by the names of Tes & Kato. Banksy soon realized on his own that in order to reduce the time it took to put up one of his graffiti pieces, thus having a better chance to fly under the authorities radar, he had to be faster.  So what did he do? He came up with stencils which cut his work in half and now pieces only took about 25 minutes. Things like this set him apart from the rest. His passion for art and painting pictures that had more meaning than just what meets the eye made him loved by many, vanadal or not.

Charles-bansky-artHe soon established an organization he named “Pest Control” as to be able to authenticate his work.   The term “the Banksy Effect” also came to play in 2006 to showcase how his influence helped to shed light on other street artists and their work.

If you haven’t seen Banksy’s work trust me when I say it is something you don’t want to miss.  Simple artwork such as a little girl holding a heart shaped balloon, or rats racing around a clock that can be found in New York City to illustrate “The Rat Race”  give raw emotion and zest to what is usually the ordinary. A spectacular artist with perhaps an even stronger legacy has been born. His creativity and out of the ordinary approach to what most deem art is just sets him farther apart from the rest.  His work will be around for eras to come! Cheers to you Banksy you are an art force to be reckoned with.