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Tropical Water Lily Flowers

The tropical water lily requires warm water to grow (temperature at least 70 F). They also require a minimum of 6 hours of sun a day to grow and bloom their best. The tropical water lily can be day bloomers or night bloomers. Most have large, beautiful color and fragrant flowers.

Tropical water lilies bloom from late spring through early fall, depending on the weather. Pictures of all tropical water lilies in this page were taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Quick guide to growing tropical water lily.

giant_waterlily waterlily-1 waterlily-2 waterlily-3 waterlily-4
giant waterlily waterlily-1 waterlily-2 waterlily-3 waterlily-4
waterlily-5 waterlily-6 waterlily_jennifer-rebecca wl_blue-spider wl_bob-trickett
waterlily-5 waterlily-6 "Jennifer Rebecca" "Blue spider" "Bob Trickett"
wl_carlas-sunshine wl_greensmoke wl_hc-haarstick wl_hilary wl_jack-wood
"Carla's sunshine" "Green smoke" "H.C. Haarstick" "Hilary" "Jack Wood"
wl_kingofsiam wl_leopardess wl_marmorata wl_miami_rose wl_midnight
"King of Siam" "Leopardess" "Marmorata" "Miami rose" "Midnight"
wl_starofzanzibar wl_stl-gold wl_victoria wl_woods-bluegoddess wl_yellow-dazzler
"Star of Zanzibar" "St. Louis Gold" Victoria waterlily "Wood's blue Goddess" "Yellow Dazzler"