Garage Door Murals

As we have mentioned often in our articles, art is everywhere and is interpreted differently depending on the viewer. That, however, happens to be one of the greatest things about art. It can be found anywhere utilizing virtually anything to bring its beauty to life. From sculpting to underwater photography, to lava flowing into the ocean art is literally all around us. It isn’t confined to just one workspace and relies heavily on the creativity and imagination of the artist.

One of my very favorite art forms takes shape in the way of murals! Murals literally allow for a gigantic canvas to create some truly beautifully vivid art. Murals can help brighten up a classroom, office, neighborhood or local park or even a city sidewalk! But what about your garage door? Garage doors are in fact a perfect blank canvas for a mural to be created. The door is flat, usually white in color and is just screaming to be painted with an incredible scene, picture or design. And, a garage door mural can add your own personal touch to your home and potentially brighten the space for your neighbors too. That being said it is important to first ok any type of mural you may be envisioning with your Home Owners Association before the start of the project.

What are the steps to take to get started on a garage door mural?

Garage Door Inspection- First and foremost you want to make sure your garage door and all its moving parts are in good repair and working order. Schedule a garage door inspection with a reputable garage door company like An inspection will include the garage door itself, the opener, tracks, and springs. If you are in need of a new garage door you can also work with the garage door professional in purchasing the perfect custom door for your mural.

Garage Door Prep- Prep is crucial anytime painting is involved. How well you prep the area will also determine how well the application of the paint goes and the overall quality of the paint. Make sure to wash your garage door thoroughly scrubbing it with soap and water if need be to remove any dirt, grime or other outside elements. Makes sure that the door is also properly dried.  Most garage doors tend to be white in which case you won’t need to worry about a primer. If your door is not you will need to apply a good primer and allow for enough drying time too. Next, you will need to tape any areas such as windows, tracks, metal fixtures and garage door trim with painters tape.

Garage Door Mural Commence- Now you can begin painting that beautiful garage door mural to your heart’s content. You will want to make sure that you are using a paint suitable for outdoors like that of exterior paint. Because your door is exposed to various outside and weather elements the type of paint will also determine how long the mural will last when exposed to these elements. While exterior paint is recommended the downside to this is it is often available in limited colors. Once you have created your masterpiece make sure to add a top clear coat that is compatible with the first paints you used. The clear coat will help to preserve the colors used and the overall picture.