Graphic Design & Vinyl Wrap Art

vinyl-wrap-artAs we discussed in previous articles, art can be found in many things besides just paintings, drawings and sculptures.  As technology advances and we are rewarded with various ways to showcase art the definition of what art is has to evolve as well!  That being said many still don’t deem graphic design as an actual form of art, but why exactly is that? Graphic designers need to possess certain skills in order to showcase great work and produce a scaled design of the image they are working towards.  To some that may seem not that hard, however have you ever tried to produce a certain image on a much smaller or larger scale and print it without losing clarity, definition and the importance of the image? It’s actually a lot harder than it may seem!

Being that we find beauty in all forms of art we decided to explore the area of graphiccustomizeed-art-wraps design a bit more and some of the newest technological advances concerning it. Enter in Vehicle Vinyl Wraps!

We reached out to a vehicle vinyl wrapping company to try and understand the work and art that goes into their designs and also to better showcase their view on this form of art.  Yes we said it again “ART”. One of the graphic design specialists that is employed with Jimmy, sat down with me and expressed his vision and passion for this type of artistic creativity.  Although vehicle vinyl wrapping has gained more and more exposure over the past view years in all actuality it has been around for some time!

  • What Exactly Is Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping? Just to be clear for those of you that aren’t  to familiar we wanted to know the exact definition. Jimmy explained that a vinyl wrap is a large decal or design printed on special material through a large format printer? It is then applied to your vehicles paint surface and encompasses your vehicle in the chosen design,
  • Can You Customize Your Design? Many wonder if they have to choose from pre-fabricated designs or if they can design their own custom print.  The truth is you can completely customize your own vision. In fact if you are working with a talented graphic design artist like our friend Jimmy, sky’s the limit!
  • What Makes This Form Of Art So Tough? Although like we mentioned above many feel that graphic design is easy because of the use of digital images and the aid of an computer that isn’t exactly so.  Jimmy explained that there are a lot of different factors that go into getting the print just right. From door handles, angles, and other unique features on every automobile the decal must come out precisely especially when applying it to the said automobile and achieving the desired look.  
  • Best Form Of Advertsiment?  We all know the importance of advertising and marketing for any business as well as the importance of establishing your brand and your company logo.  Vinyl wrapping has been rated the best form of advertising per impression cost and reaches the widest demographic out there. That being said wouldn’t you want your design to be spot on?

graphic-design-artAll in all vehicle vinyl wrapping and graphic design is by far a form of art in its own right.  One of my favorite things about art and where I feel the most beauty comes from is the fact that art has no boundaries for perspective and creativity!  Get “out of the box” and explore the incredible world of all kinds of art.