Julian Beever, The Incredible Sidewalk Chalk Artist

Julian-Beever-Chalk-ArtA phenomenon that has been around for quite some time but probably doesn’t get the exposure it deserves in 3D chalk art.  We have discussed many forms of art and the beauty you can find in different types of pictures, photography, painting etc.  We have talked about Charles Banksy and his unique take on art and the popularity and praise it receives from those throughout the world.  Afterall, he is a great artist with incredible paintings! In light of ALL the different types of beauty you can find in pictures, I would like to share with you an artist whose work I not only find amazing, but who displays such a talent he deserves the recognition, Julian Beever.  Julian Beever is a renowned British sidewalk 3D chalk artist who has been showcasing his drawings on the pavement since the 1990’s. You may be thinking, and I’m only hearing about him now! Trust us, after checking out some of his work you won’t be disappointed.

Julian Beever, The Great 3D Sidewalk Chalk Artist

  • Julian grew up in the small town of Melton Mowbray, England
  • He use a technique for his art called anamorphosis
  • Anamorphosis-distorted projection or perspective that requires the viewer to look from a particular vantage point
  • At the young age of 16 he decided to pursue studies in art, psychologypavement-chalk-art and design
  • He was a born natural when it came to at and started to realize both depth and visual perception
  • He works internationally but most of his works can be found in Europe
  • He does freelance art & commissioned murals for large and small companies
  • In 2010 he released his first book titled Pavement Chalk Artist, which showcases his many sidewalk murals done around the world
  • He often takes pictures of his finished work with himself in them as a prop to the art

Julian-BeeverAll in all Julian beever is a pretty interesting guy with a lot of talent to share with the world.  His unique take on art and his fantastic creations shed a whole new beauty on art and hat can be done with a little skill and the imagination. Another thing that is fantastic about Julian’s chalk drawings is that he can relate things such as the Mona Lisa, The royal family, or draw free hand and come up with something entirely new.  Should you ever get a chance to see one of Julians painting in person you will be more mesmerized than just seeing pictures of his work alone. This goes to show that beauty can be found in all types of pictures both near and far!