The Beauty Found in Sculptures

sculpture-of-davidThere are so many different forms of art that can express beauty, emotion and so much more.  From photography, to painted pictures, to graffiti the beauty of art s that it can be found everywhere! One art form we would like to shed light on and also bring attention to is the art of sculpting. Talk about beauty! Here are a list of some of the most famous sculptures of all time!

Beautiful Sculptures

  • The Terracotta Army- This incredible and enormous group of clay sculptures may just be one of the greatest finds of all time.  Found in 1974 buried in 3 huge pits next to the tomb of China’s first emperor Shi Huang, it is believed they were sculpted to protect him in the afterlife.  The group of sculptured is said to have 8,000 soldiers, 670 horses and 130 chariots. Each complete with weapons and other detailed features. Talk about amazing!!!
  • Michelangelo’s David- This is perhaps the most recognized sculpture in ALL of art history.  It was started by sculpting artists Agostino di Duccio who only slightly managed to carve out some of the tough marble. Two years later another artist took up trying to finish the work but didn’t get to far before stopping his work altogether.  For the next 25 years it sat untouched and unfinished until Michelangelo picked up the sculpting and finally finished the sculpture. It was originally meant to help decorate Florence’s great cathedral the Duomo however after its completion it weight roughly 6 tons and was too heavy to lift on the cathedrals roof.  Instead it was placed in front of Florence’s town hall the Palazzo Vecchio!
  • Perseus with the Head of Medusa- Often referred to as the greatest sculptor of the 18th century, Italian artist Antonio Canova actually created two versions of this famous piece!  One can be found at the Vatican in Rome, while the other is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s European Sculpture Center.
  • Venus of Willendorf- This tiny sculpture proves that art doesn’t have to be big to be great! Measuring in at 4 inches in height this little piece was discovered in Austria in 1908. Some believe it is a replica of the fertility goddess and is known as the greatest art piece from the stone age.

These are only a small handful of some of the greatest sculptures of all time!  There are so many to be seen, all offering a different kind of beauty with a different technique and vision from the artist! All we can truly say is art is so wonderful and filled with so much beauty!