~The Great Bansky~

the-great-banskyAs we first talked about, pictures hold so much more in their meaning than just the vision that you see.  Different perspectives can be seen depending on the individual person viewing the picture. Thus a picture is worth a thousand words and is a form of art.  Perhaps one of the most well known artist of this era is British Graffiti Artist Charles Banksy, known to most simply as “Banksy”. Who is Banksy exactly?  The truth is is no one quite knows. When added to Times Magazine’s Top 100 List Of Most Influential People, he contributed a picture of himself with a recyclable paper bag over his head!  Why such the anonymity? Many say it’s because he doesn’t fare well with the police because of his “vandalism” with graffiti, others say it adds to the buzz associated with his work, either way it works for him.  He gave his last face interview in 2003 and the journalist described him as a “white male, around 28, with a scruffy yet casual look about him”. All in all his real identity just adds to his mystery and to the popularity that surrounds his art.  Banksy however, doesn’t stop there!

No this talented “artist” is also a filmmaker and a political activist.  Most often grafitti-art-banskyreferred to as either an art genius or a vandal. He started his work in Bristol, England and quickly moved to cities such as Vienna, Barcelona, Paris, Detroit and San Francisco.  He first started in the early 90’s as part of a street crew dubbed “Dry Bread ZCrew” with two other artists going by the names of Tes & Kato. Banksy soon realized on his own that in order to reduce the time it took to put up one of his graffiti pieces, thus having a better chance to fly under the authorities radar, he had to be faster.  So what did he do? He came up with stencils which cut his work in half and now pieces only took about 25 minutes. Things like this set him apart from the rest. His passion for art and painting pictures that had more meaning than just what meets the eye made him loved by many, vanadal or not.

Charles-bansky-artHe soon established an organization he named “Pest Control” as to be able to authenticate his work.   The term “the Banksy Effect” also came to play in 2006 to showcase how his influence helped to shed light on other street artists and their work.

If you haven’t seen Banksy’s work trust me when I say it is something you don’t want to miss.  Simple artwork such as a little girl holding a heart shaped balloon, or rats racing around a clock that can be found in New York City to illustrate “The Rat Race”  give raw emotion and zest to what is usually the ordinary. A spectacular artist with perhaps an even stronger legacy has been born. His creativity and out of the ordinary approach to what most deem art is just sets him farther apart from the rest.  His work will be around for eras to come! Cheers to you Banksy you are an art force to be reckoned with.