There Is Art To Be Found In Every Profession!

landscape-artAs we have discussed art can be found in practically any form and is all around us.  Whether you see the beauty of a volanic eruption or the under water marine life with all of it’s vibrant colors and different types of fish, to even 3D side walk chalk art, art comes in many forms and is often a skill that many utilize in their professions.  Graphic designers obviously must understand graphics and manipulating computer software to create their visual art. Architects showcase their art through the designs of their building, concrete contractors showcase theirs through the beautiful lay out of their concrete, even the company doing pool decks and concrete coatings have a type of art form.  Perhaps that is one of the things about art that captures me the most. You can look at something and find the art and beauty in it and it never gets old. There are so many different types of art surrounding us at all times!

A friend of mine owns a pool deck & concrete staining/coating company by the name of New Look Kool Deck & More.  One day as I was looking over his plans for a client I asked him to see some before pictures to get a better idea of his transformation concrete-flagstone-coating-phoenixprocess.  Boy, was I blown away! He showed me a few before and after photos of different jobs he has done and I immediatly saw the beauty of his type of art transform before my very eyes! The pool decks he had done were absolutely beautiful and added so much more curb appeal to the homes.  I asked him if he realized the art that he was capable of and he simply said, I take the ordinary and try to create the vision and beauty that my clients see! This interested me and definitely peaked my curiosity in just what other types of art I may be missing out there. So I decided to conduct a little project of all of the various jobs I could find art in and here is some of what I found!

Different Art Forms All Around Us

  • Concrete Art
  • Landscape Design
  • Interior Decorating
  • Vehicle Vinyl Wraps
  • Architecture
  • Home Windows

These may seem like different random things, however if you stop and think about each one you will find that it is a form of art. For example, landscape design is done by arranging flowers, plants, waterfalls into a picture for the eye to see.  Art is all around us and if we take a second to “stop and smell the roses” we may just see some very beautiful things! I encourage you all to find the art in your skill and your job! Cheers to a world full of art!